FAQ: How do I upgrade from
Sente 6.5 or earlier?

Please read this document if you are having trouble with the transition from Sente 6.5 to Sente 6.6 or 6.7. This document assumes that you have a license for Sente 6 and that you have been running Sente 6.5 up until now.

While there have been many important changes since Sente 6.5, there are two big changes that will affect you immediately. Beginning with v6.6, Sente uses a completely new sync engine (what we sometimes call "sync2") and the way that Sente is licensed has been changed completely. Please read on for a summary of these changes.


The new sync engine in Sente 6.6 requires that you have an account on the sync servers. You did not have an account on the sync1 servers because sync1 did not require an account.

Your account on the sync2 servers will be a new account. It does not matter how or when or with what email account you purchased your Sente 6 license; you will need to register for an account on the sync2 server. And you can use any valid email address. It can be the same or different from the account you used to purchase your Sente license originally, and the account you use on the Sente forums. The only requirement is that you be able to receive email at that address.

When you register for a sync2 account, a confirmation email will be sent to you at the address you provided. You must receive this message and click on the web link it contains. This will complete the registration process. Until you click on the link, your account will not be active and you will not be able to log in.

One of the first things you will notice after logging in for the first time is that the account you just created will be a free, basic account. Basic accounts are limited to 100 references per library and 250MB of sync space. Your existing Sente license will qualify you for a free upgrade, as described below.

This brings us to the second major change in Sente 6.6: new licensing model.

New Licensing Model

When you first log in using your new sync2 account, you will have a free, basic account, limited to 100 refs per library and 250 MB of sync space. But people with an existing Sente 6 license qualify for a Premium account and a significant amount of non-expiring sync space.

  • Undergraduate Edition License: Unlimited Library Size, 1GB Sync Space
  • Academic and Standard Licenses: Unlimited Library Size, 20GB sync space

Because we do not have a reliable record of email addresses connected to Sente licenses, you need to enter your existing Sente license into your new sync2 account in order to get the premium upgrade and the addition sync space. This is done using the Sente 6 > Enter Sente License Code command. You will need your license as you received it from either Avangate or us, in the form of VE1234-ABCD-EFGH.

If you do not know your Sente license key, you can probably find it in your email archives by searching for terms such as "Avangate", or "Sente". If you are unable to locate the full license key, you may be able to find the license number (the first portion of the full key) in your Registration tab in Sente preferences. When all else fails, you can contact us and we can try to locate the license key in our records.

You only need to enter your license key into Sente 6.6 once, on one machine. The license will be applied to your account. Then whenever you log in to your account in Sente, on any device, it will automatically pick up the upgrade.

New iPad App

Sente 6.6 requires a completely new version of the iPad app. This is NOT simply an update to the old app, but a brand new app in the app store. You can find the app by searching on "Sente" in the iOS app store. This new app is free. The old iPad app will not sync with libraries in Sente 6.6.