FAQ: How do I fix unresolved citations?

When Sente has complete the scan operation, it will display the Scan Results dialog window. This window will tell you whether Sente encountered any problems during the scan and help you resolve any that may have occurred.

After the file scanning process finishes, you will be shown the results. The table in this dialog window includes a list of citation tags found in the document. Unresolved citations are listed in red.

By default, both of the Show checkboxes are checked, indicating that both resolved and unresolved citation tags should be included in the list. You can display only resolved or unresolved citations by checking the appropriate boxes.

There are two basic reasons why a citation would be listed as unresolved in this list:

  • There is no reference in the library with the exact citation ID from the citation tag. This might be because you typed in the citation tag manually and either made a mistake, or never added the citation ID to the appropriate reference.
  • There were two or more references in the library with that exact citation ID. This can happen if you update the citation ID on a reference manually and mistakenly change it to a value that it already in use.

In either case, you need to change either the citation tag in the document, or the citation ID on the desired reference so that the two match (and no others).

If you simply mistyped the citation tag, you should normally correct the tag in the document.

If you entered the tag manually, but did not add it to the reference, then you will want to add the citation ID to the reference in the library. This can be done manually, of course, or you can simply drag the reference from Sente’s main reference list onto the appropriate row in the scan results table and Sente will automatically assign the correct citation ID to the reference.

If there are two or more references with the same ID in the library, you will need to change one of them to something else.

After making any corrections either to the document or the library, you can use the Start Over command to re-do the scan using the new values in the library.

If Sente is unable to match a citation and you click the Save and Open button without correcting the citation, UNRESOLVED will appear at that location in the document.