FAQ: Why is the Scan button greyed out?

In the scan dialog box where you select the document to be scanned and specify a number of options to be used during the scan operation, there is a button at the bottom that starts the scan process. Sometimes this button is grayed out—or is inactivated—and the reasons for this may not always be clear. Here are the most common reasons why the button may be grayed out and cannot be pressed:

  • No input file is selected in the top section of the window. Select either a document that is currently open (which has been saved in the proper format of one of the supported word processors), or select a closed file on the computer.
  • An open file is selected at the top of the window, but the file has unsaved changes. (This will be indicated by the text “Unsaved Changes” in the item name). Click the Cancel button, save the changes, and return to Sente to start the file scanning process again.
  • There is no selected library in the library drop-down list. Make sure that the library with the references being cited is open in Sente and selected from this list.
  • The output file is either not specified, or cannot be written to by the current user. Specify a filename in a location on the computer that you have permission to write to.
  • The required scanner plugin is disabled in Sente’s Preferences. For example, if you are trying to scan a Word 2008 docx file, you will need to make sure that the Word 2008 docx scanner plugin is enabled. (NOTE: All plugins are enabled by default.)