FAQ: What does this message mean? "Registration was rejected. License already claimed."

This document will help you if you have just attempted to enter your Sente license key into Sente 6.6 (or later) and received a message about the license having already been claimed.

If you were entering an old Sente 6 license that you had been using with Sente 6.5 (or earlier), there are two common causes of this message:

  1. You have already added the license to your account (perhaps on a different device). You only need to enter your old Sente license on ONE device. The changes will be applied to your account and you will see the upgrade on each device on which you log in to that account. You can verify the application of the license by checking the Sync > Manage My Sync Account page.
  2. Someone else has already entered this license. If you were sharing a license with another person, it is possible that they have already applied the license to their sync account. Unfortunately, each license can only be used once, by one person. If you think there is some mistake concerning the license, please contact us at our support address

If you are trying to enter a newly purchased Sente license, it has probably already been applied to your account. If the path you took to purchasing the license involved logging in to your sync account, then the new license was automatically applied to your account for you. For example, if you used the Sente 6 > Upgrade My Account command within Sente for Mac, or if you logged in on our web site to make the purchase, the license is already attached to your account. You can verify this by using the Sync > Manage My Sync Account command. You should see the new license number in the list of licenses connected to your account.