FAQ: How do I add a bibliography to my document?

Sente will not automatically add a complete list of references, or bibliography, during the file scanning process unless specifically told to do so. This is accomplished using the bibliography tag.

To tell Sente to insert a bibliography during the scanning operation, insert the text “{bibliography}” (without the quotation marks) at the desired location.

If you are using something other than the default delimiters for citation tags, you should replace the curly braces in the above example with the delimiters you are actually using.

Formatting the Bibliography Tag

Normally, the {bibliography} tag should appear in its own paragraph in the document and the formatting of that paragraph should be the formatting you want to have applied to the generated bibliography.

For example, if you want the bibliography formatted with a hanging indent and double-spacing, apply that formatting to the paragraph containing the bibliography tag and this will carry through to the final output.

For more information on this topic, please see the chapter entitled File Scanning in the Sente User Manual.