FAQ: How do I modify in-text citations?

You may want to modify the final formatted citation in some way—to add cited pages, perhaps, or to limit the output to just the year of the publication. This is accomplished by adding modifiers to the citation tags. Sente supports a number of modifiers that can be applied to in-text citation tags to change the output in various ways:

Cited Pages (@)

Many bibliography formats support the concept of “cited pages” and call for different ways of displaying page numbers in a citation. For example, “(Smith 2007, 83-85)” might be appropriate for one format, while “(Smith, A., Stories, pp. 83-5)” might be appropriate for another.

As long as you include the page numbers in the citation marker, Sente will format them appropriately—including dropping digits if the bibliography format calls for it.

To include cited pages, type a page or page range following “@” in the marker, such as: {Smith 2007@83-85}.

Note that for the “@” notation to have any effect, the bibliography format must include a “cited pages” element.

Append and Prepend Text (...)

You can add any fixed text to a citation marker by enclosing the text in backslashes before or after the citation ID:

  • {Smith 2007\, Chapter 2} might become “Smith, A. 2007, Chapter 2”
  • {\As found in: \Smith 2007} might become “(As found in: Smith, A., Stories.)”

Year Only (%)

Sometimes you only want the year of publication to appear in the final output, rather than the complete citation. In this case, prepend the citation ID with a percent sign:

  • “As Smith said {%Smith 2007}” would become “As Smith said (2007)”

Bibliography Only (!)

If you don’t want a citation to appear at all (for example, when you’ve already discussed the reference in the text), but you still want the reference to appear in the bibliography, you can insert a citation ID and then hide it by prepending an exclamation point: {!Smith 2007}.

Suppress Superscripting (_)

If the bibliography format you’re using calls for superscripting all citations, you can override that in individual citations by prepending the citation ID with an underscore: {_Smith 2007}.

Strip Enclosing Punctuation (*)

To omit any enclosing punctuation—like parentheses—place an asterisk before the citation ID: {*Smith 2007}. In this case, if the bibliography format would normally produce “(Smith, 2007)”, it would instead produce “Smith, 2007”.

For more information on this topic, please see the chapter entitled File Scanning in the Sente User Manual.