FAQ: How do I import data from Bookends?

In general, it is normally possible to migrate references from a Bookends library to Sente and to have all of the data appear in Sente, including attachments and custom fields. Sente also scans the references being imported for any duplicates and will show a results screen for duplicates, as well.

First, export references and attachments from Bookends:

1. Launch Bookends.

2. Manually select the references you want to export to Sente by placing a checkmark in the checkbox to the left of each reference.

3. Use the File > Export References command in Bookends.

4. Select “XML (EndNote 8 or later)” as the format type.

5. Place a checkmark in the checkbox next to “Export attachments too” by clicking on the checkbox.

6. Choose a location.

7. Click the Save button and then the Okay button when the dialog box appears.

Then, import the Bookends references into Sente:

1. Launch Sente and either open the library you want to use or create a new library in Sente.

2. Select the File > Import command.

3. Navigate to the Bookends XML file (which may end in .bdb.xml), select it, and click Open.

4. If a File Import Duplicate References Report appears, review it by scrolling through the list, or copy the report to the clipboard for pasting into a text editor like Pages. Click Okay when finished reviewing the report.

5. If there are fields used in the EndNote library that are not currently in Sente, the new fields will be added and a report will appear with the information. Click Okay to close the report.

We recommend that you spot-check your data in Sente, comparing a few random examples of references and attachments to make sure they migrated successfully from Bookends to Sente.


Here are answers to some common issues related to the migration of Bookends data into Sente:

Dates did not transfer correctly - See the Bookends user guide for information about how the date field in Bookends is transferred to the EndNote XML output file.

PDFs Didn’t Migrate into Sente - When exporting references and attachments from Bookends, make sure to place a checkmark in the “Export attachments too” checkbox.

For additional information on this topic, please see the chapter entitled Migrating Data from Other Applications in the Sente User Manual.