FAQ: How do I put citations in footnotes?

Some bibliography formats require that citations appear in footnotes rather than in the body of the text. In these formats there is typically a superscripted number in the text at the point you want to refer to the citation, and then a footnote with that number at the bottom of the page. The citation is then included in the footnote.

Sente can generate properly formatted citations for footnotes, but it cannot create the actual footnotes in the document. Therefore, if you are working on a document in which citations should appear in footnotes, you will need to create the footnotes manually using the word processor and then insert the citation tags into the footnotes.

What is inserted into the document (e.g., citation tags versus full citations) depends on what is configured in the Gestures tab of Sente 6 > Sente 6 Preferences. Please see the section on Output Gestures in the user manual for more information.

For more information on this topic, please see the chapter entitled File Scanning in the Sente User Manual.