FAQ: How do I set up my own web bookmarks?

Sente’s embedded web browser supports targeted browsing on many academic sites, such as PubMed, EBSCOhost, JSTOR, and many others. It is likely that Sente supports at least a few sites that you will find useful in your research. To make it more convenient to access those sites, Sente lets you tailor the list of “favorite” bookmarks to include only those sites that you find useful.

Web bookmarks are accessed by clicking on the bookmarks toolbar button arrow. Clicking on the arrow will open the list of web bookmarks, from which you can select the bookmark of your choice.

You can also access the web bookmarks by using the Window > New Browser Tab command.

To open a web page that is not on the list, select Open Location... at the bottom of the list (or use the cmd-L shortcut). Type in the URL of the web page you want to open.

To open a blank browser tab, select Blank Browser Tab at the bottom of the list, or use the cmd-T shortcut.

Configuring Web Bookmarks

To configure the web bookmarks, open the Web Bookmarks Setup window, located under Library Setup in the source list.

To add a new bookmark, click on the New Bookmark button located under the list of bookmarks. This will add a new bookmark to the list, where you can edit the title and change the URL.

If you want the new bookmark to appear on the Web Bookmarks menu list, place a checkmark in the box under the “Favorite?” heading.

To edit a current Web Bookmark, double-click on the title or URL and make your changes.

You can also reorder the bookmarks by dragging entries up and down on the list. This will be reflected in the bookmarks menus throughout the software.

To delete a Web Bookmark, double-click on the title, select it and press the Delete key on the keyboard. Do the same for the URL.

Click the Apply button when you have finished making changes.