FAQ: How do I get a hanging indent in the bibliography?

Some important aspects of the formatting of bibliographies is handled in the word processor instead of within Sente. This includes, for example, fonts, spacing and indents (including hanging indents). When Sente replaces the {bibliography} tag with a final bibliography, it will automatically apply the same formatting that was used on the paragraph containing the tag, to each of the resulting paragraphs in the bibliography.

For example, if you want your bibliography to use hanging indents (where the first line starts at the left edge of the column, and the successive lines are all indented), you would modify the paragraph style of the paragraph containing the {bibliography} tag to use hanging indents in the word processor.

One way of accomplishing this is to copy a formatted citation from with Sente (e.g., from the Window > Bibliography Preview window) into your document, then adjust the paragraph format so the result looks just like you want it to look. This might include adjustments to the font, spacing, indent, etc. Then, replace the actual text of the paragraph with just the {bibliography} tag and scan the document. The resulting bibliography will then use the settings you specified for that paragraph.