Here are some resources that will help you learn and use Sente.

Sente Videos

A few short videos covering some of the key aspects of Sente.

What's New in Sente 6.6 (and 6.7)

Setting up your Sente Account

Using Synchronized Libraries

Sharing a Library with Others

Opening a Shared Library

Targeted Browsing

Importing PDFs

Reading and Annotating PDFs on the iPad

Sente User Manual

The complete user manual for Sente 6 is available in either PDF or EPUB format.

If you will be reading the manual on your Mac, you will probably want the PDF version:

Sente 6 User Manual (PDF)

If you will be reading the manual on your iPad or iPhone, you may want to add the EPUB version to your Apple iBooks library. To do this, load this current page in Safari on your iOS devide and click on the link to the EPUB version below. Safari will download the file and you should be given the option of installing the file directly into iBooks:

Sente 6 User Manual (EPUB)

Other Resources

Some links to resources from other people and organizations that many Sente users have found helpful.

Third Party Tools

Someone from somewhere has put together a very useful tool for integrating Sente with other tools, like DevonThink.

Sente Assistant

Helpful Writings

Francis Hittinger wrote a series of informative posts for the Columbia University Library blog discussing digital workflows, particularly in the humanities.

Introducing Digital Workflows for Academic Research on the Mac

Capturing and Organizing PDFs

Capturing and Organizing PDFs, Metadata, Tagging, Statuses

Capturing and Organizing PDFs, Metadata, Tagging, Statuses

Quick Add, Zotero Workflow, and Automated (Re)searching

Reading/Annotation in Sente and Power Note Taking ($$tagging$$) with Sente Assistant