Academic Reference Management for Mac and iPad.
Free for small libraries. Essential for all libraries.
Imagine having your entire Sente library with you wherever you go. Take advantage of a few spare minutes to review that new paper. Look up that interesting article you just heard about and add it to your library with a couple of taps. Email a paper to a colleague on the spot. And every change you make is reflected in all other copies of your library almost instantly. You really will wonder how you got along without Sente for iPad.

Your Library, Always at Hand

With Sente for iPad, you can carry around a library of thousands of references, including PDFs, everywhere you take your iPad. Read the latest research papers wherever and whenever you want. Easily locate any paper in your library using the many organizational tools in Sente.

Do you have more than one Sente library? No problem, load as many libraries as you want onto your iPad and switch between them easily.

Add References with a Tap

Sente supports the same targeted browsing that you are used to in Sente for Mac. Search on any of the dozens of supported sites for new articles and tap on the target icon to automatically add any to your library.

Also like desktop Sente, when you tap on a link to a PDF, Sente can automatically add it to your library.

Workflow To Go

All the tools you use in desktop Sente to stay organized, like custom statuses, QuickTags and smart collections, are available in Sente for iPad. This means that the collection of references you marked "To Be Read" is also on your iPad. The collection of references added in the last day? It's there, too. Everything you need to stay productive without your laptop.

Read, Annotate, Take Notes

Sente for iPad has a built-in PDF reader for reading articles on the go. Highlight interesting passages with a swipe of your finger. Extract quotations and take notes with a few taps. And, of course, like everything else you do in Sente for iPad, it all shows up in every other copy of your library almost immediately.

Always in Sync

Libraries in Sente sync anywhere over the Internet, so you never need to get your iPad in the same room as your desktop Mac. This means that changes made on your iPad can show up on as many computers as you want, anywhere in the world.

If you have a premium Sente account, you can also make any library available to dozens or hundreds of colleagues who would then always see the most current version on their iPads or Macs, no matter where they are.

All it takes to download and view the contents of a shared library is the free software and a free Sente account. This makes Sente is a great tool for sharing references with colleagues, students and collaborators.

If the recipient also wants to make changes to the shared library, you can grant them edit permission on the library, and they will need to upgrade to a Premium account. Any number of people can collaborate on a shared library, as long as the owner grants each of them permission, and they each have a Premium account.