Academic Reference Management for Mac and iPad.
Free for small libraries. Essential for all libraries.
Sente 6 will change the way you think about academic reference management. It will change the way you collect your reference material, the way you organize your library, the way you read papers and take notes, and the way you write up your own research. If you do academic research, you need Sente 6.
It is easy to get started with Sente. Both the Mac and iPad apps are free and they provide you with a basic account on our servers. Upgrade to a premium account for unlimited libraries and more sync space.

Your Research Hub

Sente is the most powerful and flexible academic reference manager available. Sente makes it easier then ever to acquire, organize, read, annotate and cite academic research material. And Sente runs on all your Macs and iPads, with cloud-based sync, so your research library is always up-to-date on all your devices.

Sente's beautiful user interface makes it a pleasure to use. When you look at Sente, you see your research and your ideas, not our software. Single collection tabs let you focus on one group of references at a time, like all those references with the To Be Read status. Single reference tabs let you focus on the one reference you are currently reading. And full screen mode maximizes the use of every bit of your screen real estate while eliminating distractions.


Sente makes building your research library easier than ever. Targeted browsing lets you add references from many web sites such as EBSCOHost, JSTOR, and PubMed with just a click, without leaving Sente. Another click downloads the PDF and adds it to your library.

Bulk searches can automatically retrieve hundreds or thousands of references from many sources such as PubMed, Web of Knowledge, and hundreds of university and research libraries. Best of all, they remain active in the background, alerting you daily to new references in your fast-moving field.

Get started by importing libraries directly from EndNote, Bookends, Papers, Mendeley, Zotero, and Reference Manager.


Sente has the tools you need to stay organized, even as your library grows to thousands of references or more. Hierarchical QuickTags give you unprecedented power for cataloging your references.

Built-in smart collections give you quick access to your library. Custom smart collections let you create just the subsets you need. Custom statuses make it easy to make Sente fit your personal research workflow.

Batch editing makes it easy to edit any combination of fields in dozens or hundreds of references at once.


Sente lets you customize your library to meet your specific needs. Custom statuses help you keep track of your references through each step of your research workflow. Custom reference types let you handle whatever kind of references you might need. Custom attributes let you add any special fields you might need to any reference type. And you can configure the reference editor to present your data just the way you want to see it.

Cloud Sync

Sente lets you create synchronized copies of your libraries and place them on any number of Macs and iPads, anywhere in the world, and all copies will stay in sync automatically.

Once you turn it on, it just works—continuously and behind the scenes—and everything syncs: references, PDFs (including highlighting), notes, even customizations.

Create full-access copies for your own computers and restricted copies for sharing with students or colleagues. Even if you don't need to sync multiple devices, it's a great backup strategy too.

Read, Annotate, Take Notes

Highlight passages in your PDFs and capture quotations and your own thoughts in notes, using Sente's powerful annotation tools. Create any number of notes for each reference and easily jump from any note back to its linked place in the text. Best of all, your notes and highlighting are immediately synced through the cloud across all copies of your library.


Of course, in the end, you need to write up your own work. Sente supports all the popular Mac word processors, including Pages, Word, Mellel, Scrivener, Nisus Writer, Open Office, and other applications that support Rich Text Format. More than 100 bibliography formats are included and you can create your own or tweak existing formats to meet your needs. Citations can even appear in footnotes, if your style requires that.

If you collaborate with people who write with Microsoft Word and EndNote, on a Mac or Windows, you will be able to exchange drafts with them seamlessly because Sente reads and writes docx files that are compatible with EndNote.

Free Sente Account

You can download and use both the Mac and the iPad versions of Sente for free. This will give you a free Sente account that can be used to create any number of reference libraries, each with up to 100 references. And you can sync up to 250MB of attachments with a free account. For many users, the free account is all they will ever need.

Unlimited Libraries, Unlimited Sync*

People who need to create larger libraries can upgrade to a premium Sente account for just $59.99 if you are a student, faculty or staff at an accredited academic institution (or just $79.99 without an academic affiliation). With a premium account, you can use both the Mac and the iPad apps to create libraries of any size. And a premium account provides you with unlimited sync space.

* Technically, you get 20GB of sync space, which is way more than most people ever need. But if you need more, talk to us and we will probably give it to you at no additional charge.