Academic Reference Management for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
Free for small libraries. Essential for all libraries.
Sente 6 will change the way you think about academic reference management. It will change the way you collect your reference material, the way you organize your library, the way you read papers and take notes, and the way you write up your own research.
It is easy to get started with Sente. Both the Mac and iOS apps are free and can be used to create any number of libraries, each with up to 100 references. And you can sync up to 250MB of attachments with a free account. Upgrade to a premium account for unlimited libraries and unlimited sync space.

Serious Reference Management

Sente is a full-featured reference manager for Macs, iPads and iPhones. It helps you build, organize and use very large research libraries so you will always be in control of your research literature.


Targeted Browsing. Sente makes acquiring references from hundreds of web sites as easy as clicking (or tapping) on a target icon. This includes sites like EBSCOHost, JSTOR and PubMed.

Searches. Sente also support direct searches on many services that support a programming interface (like Z39.50 or SRU). This includes many university libraries, so you can search the catalogs of many institutions without leaving your desk (or coffee shop).

Add PDFs with a Click Using the web browser embedded in Sente, when you click on a link to a PDF, you will be given the option of automatically adding the file to your library and linking it to a new or existing reference.

Create Multiple Libraries. Create as many research libraries as you need. In addition to your main area of research, your might create ad hoc libraries to support side projects, or other interests. Or a group-wide library for everyone to draw on.


Hierarchical Tags. Sente takes tagging to a new level with hierarchical tags. Assign any tag to a reference and it will behave as though all of the higher-level tags were also assigned.

Automatic and Custom Smart Collections Sente automatically maintains smart collections of references by year, author, journal, type and more. This includes your entire QuickTag hierarchy, so you can quickly drill down to see all of your custom subsets.

Library Browser.Sente for Mac includes a powerful library browser that lets you quickly sift through thousands of references to find just what you are looking for. For example, you might start by selecting a journal, then a year, then an author to see all of the matching papers in just a few clicks.

Custom Reference Types. You can create any number of custom reference types in Sente and even add custom data fields to the built-in and custom reference types. And you control the layout for each reference type in the reference editor, so you can make things work the way you want them to.

Read, Annotate, Take Notes

Read Anywhere. Both the Mac and iOS versions of Sente include a PDF viewer that lets you highlight passages, automatically capture quotations, and add your own notes.

Highlight and Quote. When you highlight a passage in a PDF, Sente can automatically create a note including highlighted passage for later reference.


Your Libraries on All Your Devices. All of your Sente libraries will sync across all of your devices with no effort on your part. When you open a library from our servers, it is installed on your device and then kept up-to-date automatically. Add a reference to any copy and it will appear in all other copies in seconds. Add a note to a reference on your iPad and it will appear on your iMac immediately. Really, it just works.

Never Lose Your Data. What would happen if your MacBook were to disappear one day, with your reference library and all your notes? With Sente, your reference library would be safe. You would install Sente on your replacement device, log in to your Sente account, open your library from the server, and then watch as all of your critical information is automatically restored to exactly as it was when you made your last edits.

Share Libraries with Others. With Sente you can share any of your libraries with any number of other users and each copy will be kept up-to-date at all times. And you control what they can do with the library. If you grant them Edit permission, and they have a Premium account, they will be able to add and edit references in your library. Users who only need to view a library only need a free Basic account.

Control Space. Install only those libraries that you need on each of your devices. And download only the attachments you need in each copy (or specify automatic download to get them all). You can remove the local copies of attachments or libraries at any time without affecting the copies on any other device.


Works with Your Word Processor. Sente supports many popular word processors on the Mac, including Word, Mellel, Scrivener, Nisus, Open Office, and any word processor that supports RTF documents.

Hundreds of Built-In Formats. Sente for Mac comes with hundreds of the most commonly used bibliography formats, so you are likely to find just what you need.

Custom Formats. If you need a custom bibliography format, Sente for Mac includes a format editor that gives you remarkable control over exactly how citations should be formatted.

Free Basic Account, Unlimited Premium Account

Free Basic Accounts. Everyone gets a free Basic Sente account when they register. This enables you to create any number of libraries, each with up to 100 references. And you can sync these libraries, including up to 250MB of attachments, across all of your Macs and iOS devices. This is enough, for example, for most undergraduates to write all their papers using Sente.

Premium Accounts. Graduate students, faculty and other researchers will probably want to upgrade to a Premium account so they can create libraries of any size and sync any number of PDFs and other attachments.