Sente 6.7.0 for Mac and iPad Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of Sente 6.7.0 for both Mac and iPad. 

Sente 6.7.0 for iPad includes a completely new PDF reader, with many important improvements.  The PDF reader is significantly faster and can handle a wider range of PDFs than ever before.

The new PDF reader also includes several important new navigation tools, like bookmarks, thumbnail view, and support for document outlines, to make working with larger documents much easier.

It is now also much easier to track down other references while reading a document in Sente for iPad.  When you select any text in the document, including bibliography entries, Sente will offer the option of searching for that text at any of the web data sources you commonly use for research.  This search mechanism is fully customizable in the Autolinks Setup pane in Sente for Mac.

The PDF reader in Sente for iPad also supports hyperlinks that may be embedded within the document.  When the links refer to an external web site, the site will be opened in Sente's embedded browser, including targeted browsing.  This means that when the PDF includes link in the bibliography entries, tapping on the link will often take you to a page with a target for immediate reference acquisition.

Sente for iPad can now be used to open PDF document from within other applications. This will cause Sente to create a new reference in the current library, add the PDF as an attachment, and open the PDF in Sente's PDF reader.  And Sente for iPad now includes the Open In command, so you can open any of your Sente PDFs in other apps.

Sente for Mac is now a 64-bit app and both have been converted to use Objective-C 2.0 and ARC memory management for increased stability and performance.

Sente 6.7.0 for Mac can be downloaded from our web site:

Sente 6.7.0 for iPad can be downloaded from the iOS app store:

Sente 6.7 for Mac requires OS X 10.7 or higher.

Sente 6.7 for iPad requires iOS 5 or higher.


Great job on the iPad app. The PDF reader is smooth and responsive (even on my iPad 2 with over 1,000 pdf files). Again, great job!!

6.7 for the iPad: Wow!

This is why I bought an iPad.

My favorite new features:

1. Speed!
2. Thumbnail navigation.
3. Navigation by the outline. Anyone who reviews grants for the NIH should load a full length PPG into Sente; prepare to be amazed.
4. The subtle UI distinction between highlighted quotes that have/don't have comments in the notes.
5. Bookmarks. Though I do wish I could name them.
6. Search

Two tiny little nit-picks. When viewing the list of Annotations, the color coding is not available. In addition, the list now includes text that was merely highlighted but not quoted, and there is no distinction between them.

I hope that some of these features will be incorporated into the MacOS version.

I have just downloaded the new iPad and Mac releases. The iPad update is fantastic. Much speedier. And the pdfs that were giving me trouble before now are aligning the highlighting properly. Thanks for making a great product.


I am now again hopeful that the Outline will come to the Mac version. I was almost to abandon the Sente because of lack of that feature (navigation is so painful for bigger books).

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