New PDF Editor Coming in Sente for iPad 6.7

We are closing in on the release of Sente 6.7 for both OS X and iOS.  By far the most visible change will be the new PDF Editor on the iPad.  I would like to show you a bit of that new editor.

First, and most importantly, the new PDF editor on the iPad should handle more types of PDFs more completely than our previous versions.  For example, it handles text highlighting and quoting more accurately, on more PDFs, than Sente has handled to date.  There are still limitations (e.g., it does not yet have very strong support for right-to-left languages), but overall it is a significant improvement over previous versions.

Here is a screen shot of the new PDF Editor:

The toolbar at the top, and the thumbnail bar at the bottom, will disappear if you tap on the page, or swipe to change pages.

Here are some of the new features:

-- the thumbnail scrub bar at the bottom of the screen lets you jump to a particular location, or scrub through the document by dragging

-- you can open the PDF in other apps, either with or without the highlighting you added in Sente

-- you can navigate the document using the built-in document outline

-- you can print the document using AirPrint

And it now supports a thumbnail view in which you can view all thumbnail, or just for those pages with annotation:

We have also reworked the note editor; here is a screen shot showing the editor just after initiating a Quote operation.

You might notice from the page number above that this is working with a document that is hundreds of pages in length.  Performance with even very large documents is remarkable good.

We think you are going to like the improvements in Sente 6.7.  And the new PDF editor lays the groundwork for additional enhancements in the future.

We are wrapping up the changes now and hope to release the update in the next few weeks.



Looks great. Looking forward to "Sente for iPad 6.7 for … OS X." ;-)


"you can navigate the document using the built-in document outline"

-- Thank you! --

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