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Sente 6.5.0 Released

We are very pleased to announce the official release of Sente 6.5.0.  

Sente 6.5 is a major update to the application, and the result of almost a year of development here at Third Street Software and months of testing by Sente users.  We had several goals for this major update, including significantly improving the user experience for both new and existing customers.  

Because of the extent of the user interface changes we were making in Sente 6.5, we knew that we had to be sure that existing customers, the people who depend on Sente every day, liked the changes.  To achieve this goal we made a series of private previews available, and then a series of public previews, and we listened carefully to what we heard.  Sente 6.5 is a much better program because so many people took the time to give us detailed feedback on these preview releases.

So, what is new in Sente 6.5?  A lot.  I will not be able to list all of the new features here, but here are some highlights:

  • The new multiple-line reference list view is much more attractive and readable.  While the old, grid view is still available, most users prefer the new view for most work.
  • Single collection tabs let you open tabs containing only those references in any collection in your library, like one showing all references with a particular status.
  • The completely new reference editor is more attractive and usable.  It supports custom layouts based on reference type, and all layouts can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • The new notes interface features color coding to match the highlighting you added to your PDFs, and the ability to jump from any note to its original source in the PDF.
  • New window layout options let you set up each tab to make best use of your particular screen setup.  You can, for example, place the reference list at the left edge of single collection tabs, making them particularly useful on a large monitor.
  • Support for Full Screen Mode under Lion (OS X 10.7).
  • Improved citation lookup now supports many more data sources.  The new Citation Lookup sheet, which can be used either as files are being added to your library, or after the fact, makes it easy to locate the citation data for a paper using dozens of common sources.
  • Scan-in-place support for Microsoft Word and Apple Pages lets you work with a formatted version of your document at all times.  When you select the scan-in-place option, Sente formats any recently added citations and lets you keep right on editing without missing a beat.
  • Compatibility with Word + EndNote lets you easily collaborate with colleagues who still use EndNote with Word.  You will be able to edit and scan their documents, and they will be able to do the same with yours. 
  • Common customizations now sync between copies of your library.  Items like your custom statuses, reference type definitions, custom reference attributes, web bookmarks, QuickTags, hotword definitions, reference editor configurations and more are all automatically synchronized to all other copies of a library.  (These changes do not yet appear in Sente for iPad -- this is coming.)
  • The new Print-to-Sente command, available in all print dialogs on your system, lets you quickly send any document as a PDF to Sente.
  • There is a completely new user manual, available in both PDF and EPUB formats.

As always, there are some high-priority features or changes that did not make it into this release, like the ability to search for text within a PDF, or a command to share a reference and PDF through email.  These are high on our list and should be appearing in upcoming releases in the near future.

We are also announcing a complete overhaul of our web site, designed to reflect the changes in the application itself.  If you are accessing this blog post through an RSS feed, I would encourage you to visit the site to learn more about Sente 6.5.

Sente 6.5 is a free upgrade for everyone with a Sente 6 license.

Sente 6.5 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.  We recommend the use of 10.7.

So, please take a look at Sente 6.5 -- we think you are going to like what you see!


Sente 6.5, Preview 5

Sente 6.5, Preview 5 is now available for download.  There are some nice new features in this preview.  We are getting very close to the official release of Sente 6.5, so if you have not yet taken the time to try out the previews, this would be a great time to get started.

A New Notes Interface

The notes editor has been significantly updated.  Visually, each note is now presented as a "sticky" with the same color as any related highlighting (if any).  This means that if you are one of those users who use highlighting color to convey meaning about the selection, it will now be easier to spot particular kinds of notes in the note editor.  And if you do not currently use highlighting color to signify anything, perhaps you will start once you use the new design!

New Notes.png

Also, each note now has a menu of commands.  This menu appears when the mouse hovers over the note.  This menu of commands includes:

  • Open / Close (this replaces the disclosure triangles from Sente 6.2)
  • Source (to jump to the text in the PDF that was originally selected when creating the note)
  • Delete
  • Copy

Holding down the Option key before clicking on a command in a note changes several to apply to all notes (e.g., Open All).

Revised Add File Interface

We have made some important changes to what happens when you drop one or more files onto Sente.

In this preview, if Sente is able to locate the citation information using the first DOI in a PDF, the reference will be immediately displayed for review.

Citation Lookup.png

If Sente is unable to reliably identify the citation information for a PDF, you will be given the chance to retrieve the citation data using targeted browsing.  

Conveniently, if you select some text in the PDF in the Citation Lookup sheet, you will immediately be presented with a list of web pages that Sente can load to help you find the correct citation.  This list will contain your favorite bookmarks.  Also, the list will include any autolink-based URLs that  are designed to work with a text selection, rather than data in a reference.  These links might, for example, perform a search on a data source using the selected text as the search string.  This makes it very easy to search many literature sources.

By supporting targeted browsing in the citation lookup sheet, Sente now makes it easy to use many more data sources for citation information than were supported in version 6.2.

For more information on this new feature, please download the new version of the user manual and read the chapter on Adding PDFs and Other Files.

Scan-in-Place Support for Pages

This release also adds support for scan-in-place with Apple Pages.  This new approach to the file scanning process makes it much easier to work with documents in which all the citations are in their final format.  This feature is currently still in testing, so there are probably some bugs.  If you write with Pages and have a few minutes to test, please send us bug reports.

Ignore Cover Page on PDFs

This is a small, but important, change.  There is now a command that lets you tell Sente to ignore a cover page on a PDF.  The command appears in the Edit > Attachment menu, and in the context menu when viewing a PDF.  You can toggle this setting on and off on a per-PDF basis.  When turned on, the first page in the PDF will not appear, and page number calculations for notes will be adjusted accordingly.  Existing page numbers on notes will not be affected by toggling this setting on or off.


Here are the download links:

and the current draft of the user manual:

If you click on the EPUB link in Safari on an iPad or iPhone, you should be given the chance to load the file into iBooks.


As always, please provide feedback through this forum:

If you have not yet tried any of the Sente 6.5 previews, please also read the announcements for the earlier versions on this blog.  There is important information there that you will want to know before you get started.