Sente 6.5 Public Previews Coming

It has been just about one month since we made our first preview of Sente 6.5 available to a limited set of experienced Sente users.  Since then we have received some great feedback from these users and we are about to release a new preview to these same people.  

The point of limiting these private previews to experienced Sente users is that we wanted to be sure that the new user interface works well for those people who depend on Sente in their daily work.  If the new design does not work well for existing Sente users, it really does not matter if it appeals to new users. 

I am very happy to report that the first preview was very well received by our testers.  We are confident that, when the time comes to release 6.5.0, our current users will, in general, like the new interface and view the update as a real improvement to the software.

We also received  quite a few good suggestions for improvements to the interface, and we have implemented many of these and we will soon release a new preview including many of these enhancements.

We still have some important work to do before we will be ready to officially release Sent 6.5.0, but the preview releases are good enough to use for most daily work.  So, rather than keeping everyone waiting for the official release, we will soon be making the preview releases available to everyone.  

I will write more about this when the time comes, but in a few weeks you will be able to try the preview releases for yourself on your own data.  Switching back and forth between 6.2 and 6.5 works nicely (although some new settings in 6.5 will not, of course, have any effect in 6.2).

We look forward to a new round of feedback when the previews go public.  And many of you will find that you can simply switch to the using the previews for your daily work, reverting to 6.2 only for those few features that have not yet been implemented in 6.5, and there are very few of those remaining.

Not all of the new features or design changes will be important to all users, but I think that most of you will find some aspects of the 6.5 design that you will strongly prefer over the 6.2 design.  I know that I greatly prefer the new design and look forward to switching permanently to the new version.

So, if you are interested in trying out the Sente 6.5 previews, you will get your chance in the next few weeks.  The official release is still planned for later this Fall.



Great news. Will notes be linked to the pdf section in 6.5 (i.e. can I jump to a specific part of the pdf by clicking on a note)? This is what I am waiting for (much more than UI updates, I must say).

Also, is there any chance that Sente will be able to handle pdf page numbers in a better way in 6.5 (i.e. using the pages numbers of a correctly paginated ebook in pdf format)?

Thanks for your work. Sente truly is a great piece of software.

Hi Michael.
Firstly, congralutations for your job.
I have been working daily with Sente since a year ago and it's the main application for my thesis. I'm interested in trying the Sente 6.5 previews. Could you send me a link for downloading and trying it.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

Watch this blog for the announcement that the previews are generally available. As I said in the post, we expect this to happen in the next few weeks.


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