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What's Hot? Sente for iPad!

I have not idea how Apple defines "hot" but I was pleased to see Sente on the first page of the What's Hot list in Productivity apps in the iOS app store today!  I doubt most people ever think of academic reference managers as "hot" but I'll take it!

Thanks to everyone who helped make Sente hot!


What's Hot screen shot 2011-01-07 50%.png

Sente 6.2.6 Released

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We have just released Sente 6.2.6, with several important bug fixes.

First, we have (finally!) found and corrected the problem that prevented some users from opening the bibliography format editor.  Once it was clear that this was affecting everyone on OS X 10.5 (and no one on 10.6) it was straightforward to find and correct.  Thanks to everyone who helped piece the story together.

Second, we have refined the fix to Google Scholar support (for QuickAdd or targeted browsing) that we released in 6.2.5.  The last release worked for most people, but not everyone.  This new release should work universally.  Again, thanks for all the help in figuring out what was going on.

As usual, there were quite a few updates to targeted browsing and some other bug fixes, but these are the two most important fixes.