July 2010 Archives

Sente for iPad: Progress

Over two months have passed since my last update on the development of Sente for iPad.  I think it is time for another update.

We have had two Preview releases and have had very positive and useful feedback from the testers.  Sente for iPad, however, is not yet feature-complete, so we are not yet in beta test mode.

In my last update, I said that we were shooting for an early summer release.  Well, this is not going to happen.  Early summer is here and we still have some important work remaining.  I know that this will be disappointing to many, but we continue to push hard to complete v1.0 as soon as we can. 

So, Sente for iPad will not be out until later this summer.  It is hard for me to be any more precise than that because this is new territory for us and it is difficult to schedule the unknown.

On the other hand, we are excited about how Sente for iPad is turning out and I think you will like it when it is released.  Having access to your entire Sente library on your iPad is great, and having the data on one or more iPads synced almost immediately with any number of desktop copies, no matter where they are, is amazing. 

So, for now, all I can suggest is that you enjoy your summer vacations.  We will be taking ours a bit late this year.