Sente 6 Released

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We are very pleased to announce the official release of Sente 6.0.  This new version includes a number of important enhancements, like:

  • Synchronized Libraries.   Sente 6 makes it easy to maintain multiple copies of a reference library, including attachments such as PDF files, on multiple computers.  This works well for users who regularly work on more than one computer.  Because permissions can be set differently on each copy, this feature is also useful for sharing a library with colleagues.
  • Hierarchical Reference Tagging.  Sente 6 makes it easy to assign and use tags on references.  And tags can be arranged hierarchically, in which case Sente will treat references with child tags as though they had also been assigned the parent tags.    This makes organizing a large research library much easier than it has ever been before.
  • PDF Markup.  This new version also includes PDF markup commands that can be used to highlight passages or other regions in a PDF file.  This information is synchronized along with the PDFs themselves, so the marked-up copy is available in any synchronized copy of the library almost immediately.
  • Hundreds of New Bibliography Formats.  This significantly increases the likelihood that the format someone needs is already built-in.

Along with the release of Sente 6 comes a new web site design and a new support system.

Sente 6 requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

Sente 6 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased a Sente 5 license on or after January 1, 2009.  Others can purchase an upgrade for $39.95 for a single user license.

If you purchased Sente 5 after January 1, 2009, Please send your Sente 5 license code to our upgrade address with the subject "Sente 6 Upgrade".  Processing upgrade requests may take us as long a 7 days -- we appreciate your patience.

If you purchased Sente 5 prior to January, 1, 2009, you can purchase the update for $39.95 -- see our Purchase page.

If you have a Sente 1, 2, 3 or 4 license, there is not a discount on the upgrade -- you will need to purchase a new license to run Sente 6.

Everyone who purchases a Sente 6 license (either as a new license, or an upgrade) will receive all updates in the 6.x line at no charge.

We would like to thank all of those who participated in the testing and evaluation of our early releases of Sente 6.  You contributions made a big difference in the final product. 


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