The New Bibliography Fields View

I would like to say a few words introducing a new feature in Sente: the Bibliography Fields view in the reference editor.  Here is a screen shot of the new view:

Picture 7b.png

The new view has three major sections.

The top section is where you select one of your favorite bibliography formats.  I would normally recommend that you select the style that you use most often.  Here, the selected style is "APA 5."

The first field in the next section is the reference type.  The value selected in this pop-up determines which fields are displayed in the rest of this section.  In the screen shot above, the selected type is "journal article" so the fields relevant to journal articles are displayed.  There may be data in fields that are not shown here, but fields that are not shown have no effect on the bibliography entry for the selected reference type.

For many reference type / bibliography format combinations, there are fields that are not used in the selected format, but are used in some other common format.  These fields appear below a label that begins "Items below this point..."  While you may want to enter values for one or more of these fields, the data will not appear in the bibliography entry for this reference in the selected format.

The bottom section of the Bibliography Fields view is the preview of the selected reference in the selected format.  This preview is kept up-to-date with changes to the fields above as you leave each field after making a change.  This lets you see just how each reference will appear in the final output in your documents.  (Obviously, the final results may differ slightly if, for example, the selected style calls for repeated authors to be replaced with three dashes.  The preview here is how the reference would appear if it were the only reference in the bibliography.)

The important point to remember about this new view is that the fields that are displayed are based entirely on the reference type.  This list of fields is then prioritized based on the selected bibliography format to place at the bottom any of the fields that are not actually used in the format for the selected reference type.

If you are a Sente user who gets most of your references from PubMed, this new feature will not make a big difference to you.  On the other hand, if you are in the humanities or any field where you regularly deal with many different types of references, and you regularly deal with complex bibliography formats, you should find this new view very helpful as you add references to your library.


Thanks for this nice little feature. I like the bibliography view much exactly for the reason you have mentioned: I have to deal with many different citation styles and it is helpful to see the general output through the reference editor in advance.

However, may I suggest to offer the possibility to choose the "previewed format", the bibliography format style for the "summary view" too?

That would offer on the one hand the possibility to preview the favourite (and most familiar) bibliography style in the "summary view" and to choose the currently needed style in the new "bibliography view". Of course, I could use the "bibliography view" instead in two different windows and choose the different styles but on the other hand in the "summary view" the output would be "purged" from the reference information I do not need always and I could concentrate on the essential information more easily.

Very helpful for adding references. Thanks!

Nice feature and informative post describing it. Thanks for sharing.